The Dordogne

Le Bugue

Even the friendly village of Le Bugue has a number of attractions: the Bara Bahau cave with the oldest wall paintings ever discovered, the famous Gouffre de Proumeyssac, also known as the crystal cave, with its impressive play of light and sound, a fossil museum, the Village de Bournat open-air museum, one of the finest freshwater aquariums in France, and the little 16th-century houses on the Grand Rue!

The Region

The Dordogne department is part of the Aquitaine region. When, in 1790, the country was divided into départements, they were often named after their most important river, which is how the Dordogne came to be called. Previously, this region was known as Périgord, a name derived from the Gauls who inhabited the area, which was called Pétrocorrii. The county of Périgord originated in the 11th century and later belonged to the house of Albret. Under Henry IV, Périgord became part of the French crown.

Around the Noyer Residence

Within a 30-minute drive of the Résidence Le Noyer, you'll find a wealth of caves, troglodyte dwellings with artistic expressions and everyday objects from the earliest inhabitants, 1001 châteaux, fortified towns, churches and many other authentic historic buildings. They were built in a style and with materials that are characteristic of this magnificent region of France: yellow stone and slate roofs.

The Périgord noir

The Périgord Noir region, through which the Dordogne and Vézère rivers flow, owes its name to the presence of vast oak forests with black trunks and dense dark foliage.
Rich plantations cultivated on silty soil along the rivers and on sunny slopes. Extensive crops of tobacco, cereals, hazelnuts, cherries, peaches, apples, pears, strawberries and raspberries. Pheasant, duck and goose farms where you will always be welcomed by the producers for a visit with an explanation and tasting session.

At markets throughout the region, you'll find an abundance of seasonal fruit and vegetables, walnuts, mushrooms, truffles, foie gras, cheeses, sausages and pâtés. Small wine producers will be delighted to offer you their excellent organic wines.

Our Villages

Don't forget to visit the many second-hand markets selling books and other rare objects, in the beautiful towns and tourist villages of Sarlat, Beynac, Domme, Belvès, Monpazier, Périgueux etc...

For sports fans

  • numerous and varied routes for trekking, cycling or mountain biking;
  • golf, tennis, horse riding
  • motocross, karting, horse riding;
  • balloon and aeroplane flights;
  • fishing, canoeing and boat trips;
  • driving routes to sleepy villages, castles, parks and gardens and attractions.

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